Regular domestic cleaning

What does it mean regular domestic cleaning?

Regular domestic cleaning is a weekly home maintenance. Cleaning and disinfecting regularly all premises and surfaces, to live in one clean and healthy environment.



Remove dust, cobwebs and dirt from all accessible surfaces



Hoover all accessible premises



Clean outside of all surfaces, kitchen appliances, work tops and etc.


Mop all accessible floors


Clean and disinfect toilet bow, shower, bath, mirrors, taps, sink, cabinets and etc.
On request

On request

You need to contact us when you need oven cleaning, refrigerator, absorber or window cleaning.

Additional prices

Oven Cleaning

25 BGN


20 BGN


15 BGN


10 - 15 BGN


45 BGN

How do we work?

Contact us. We will give you all available dates and times available for cleaning visit with one of our team members!

Our cleaning visits start from 8.30 am – 5.30 pm, Monday to Friday.

We fix day and time for cleaning visits. Next step is to appoint you one of our team members who will come to your address. Client is preferable to be at home at the first visit, firstly to let the cleaner in, secondly to show around the house where everything is placed, to explain any specific requirements and most importantly to meet our cleaner face to face.

After that client is not necessary to be at home at every cleaning visit. If you prefer you can provide us with pair of keys so our cleaner will be able to access your home when you are away.

On regular cleaning service you will have appointed cleaner witch will be replaced by another one when is absent until the holder returns. Client will be informed in advance either way.

All cleaning products and equipment (hoover, mop and a bucket) is provided by the clients.

To make the things easier for you when cleaning product finishes, cleaner leaves a list on a visible place, with cleaning products that you need to provide for your next cleaning cession.

You can pay in cash or to bank account after cleaning cession.

Cleaning supplies and equipment
• Kitchen cleaner
• Window cleaner
• Ceramic and glass hob cleaner (if any)
• Hob knife
• Oven cleaner
• Limescale remover
• Bathroom cleaner
• Toilet cleaner (thick bleach)
• Floor cleaner (all purpose)
• Sponges
• Kitchen wire
• Kitchen roll
• Brush
• Bin bags
• Hoover
• Bucket and mop
• Microfiber cloths – 5-6

In some particular cleaning services we may need some specific cleaning products. In that case we will inform you after we visit your address.

Why Chistolino?

Turning to professionals in home cleaning, you guarantee impeccable cleanliness, hygiene and freshness in the greatest detail.

Do you have questions?

We insist on good communication, which is why we are always at your disposal when it comes to cleaning issues.

Contact us and you will receive our professional consultation for free!
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